Terms of Service

The Tele-Tag Terms of Service are governed by the AltaStream Media Privacy Policy stated below:

AltaStream Media Privacy Policy:

The AltaStream Media Privacy Policy notices describe how we treat personal information when you use AltaStream Media’s Tele-Tag mobile application.

Specific information we collect

  • Most of the personally identifying information we collect is what you tell us about yourself. For example, Tele-Tag allows you to interact and share personal information and data with others either via the quizzes and/or via Chat. You choose what you want to share and how you want to share it.
  • Sometimes, we record your phone number. We record your phone number when you send it to us; ask us to remember it; or send a text message or SMS to or from Tele-Tag. If you ask us to remember your phone number, we will associate your phone number with your Tele-Tag Account other similar account ID. We often generate this account ID based on your device and hardware IDs, so if you change your device or hardware, you will have to re-associate this new device or hardware with your account before we can authenticate you.
  • We may also collect some information on device-level events, such as crashes, and associate that temporarily with your Tele-Tag Account in order to provide customer service.
  • If you use Tele-Tag with your device location-enabled settings turned on, you may be sending us location information. This information may reveal your actual location, such as GPS data.


  • We use your information to process and personalize your requests. We also use the information for support, to develop new features, and to improve the overall quality of Tele-Tag.
  • We may also use the information to show you a history of your activity, to provide you with statistics about you or your use Tele-Tag, or to provide you with a better user experience.
  • If you purchase something through AltaStream Media’s products and services, we may also use your information to bill you and to handle billing disputes.

Abuse of AltaStream Media Products

  • AltaStream Media reserves the right to discontinue service to any user of AltaStream Media Products if AltaStream Media considers the user to have used the products in such a way as to result in an abuse of the product. Specifically this could include (but is not limited to):

Use of inappropriate language

Use of inappropriate images

Use of the site outside of its intended purpose

Use of the site for commercial or personal gain not related to AltaStream Media

Information sharing and onward transfer

  • All requests must be sent through your mobile carrier’s network and your carrier may have access to it. For information regarding your carrier’s treatment of your information, please consult your carrier’s privacy policies.
  • We may share your information with certain third parties we use to perform certain functions, such as billing and text message or SMS delivery. These third parties will be required to treat your information in accordance with the applicable AltaStream Media privacy policies. We may also share some information with your wireless operator in order to perform customer service functions.
  • Tele-Tag allows you to interact and share information with others. Please consider carefully before disclosing any personal information or data that might be accessible to others. This information may be shared with other third parties.

More information

AltaStream Media adheres to the US Safe Harbor privacy principles. For more information about the Safe Harbor framework or our registration, see the Department of Commerce’s web site. If you have additional questions, please contact us any time at: