Tele-Tag utilizes the industry leading video fingerprinting technology of iPharro Media GmbH for monitoring TV channels in real time.

A video fingerprint is essentially an electronic summary of all of the unique characteristics of a piece of video.  This means that the video fingerprinting technology of iPharro Media will look at a piece of video and analyze it in order to find what makes that video unique.  This includes, for example, looking at the colors and screen layout and how this changes over time.  iPharro Media’s technology is capable of creating these fingerprints “on the fly”, that is, when the video is broadcast in real time while scanning hundred of preselected TV channels for the specified TV content (commercials, TV shows and other TV content) simultaneously. The video broadcast on the different TV channels is automatically converted into fingerprints “on the fly” by the iPharro Media technology and compared to the fingerprints of pre-selected video clips.  As a result, the iPharro System can detect whether, at what specific time and date and on what channel a specified video clip was shown on live TV!

Utilizing the iPharro Media system, the Tele-Tag platform can thus create real-time interactivity of the mobile devices of players and any TV set by determining whether a player “tagged” the scene on time — by checking whether the player’s tag was sent from the mobile device at the same time as the specified video clip was actually shown on TV in real time.

Video fingerprinting technology is fundamentally different from watermarking technology in that the video itself is not transformed or altered. No digital signature or identifing piece of information is inserted into the video.  The video fingerprint is a totally separate summary of the original video.  Nor is a video fingerprint dependent on any audio or audiotext.

In the example below an orange juice commercial has been fingerprinted as it is broadcast on live TV.  This means that the video fingerprinting software has examined the number of the key frames and then summarized them in an electronic file, represented by the “0”s and “1”s below.  These fingerprint files can then be compared in real time with a preselected fingerprint of an orange juice commercial.

In other words, the iPharro Media video fingerprinting technology enables Tele-Tag to automatically “watch” hundreds of TV channels live and at the same time, just like a human viewer, and to determine whether a player “tagged” a scene on time while it was broadcast live.

iPharro’s video fingerprinting technology allows Tele-Tag to be platform-independent  — it does not matter what TV set a user watches the show on or whether the show was broadcast via cable or satellite or aerial antenna.  No special TV or other hardware is required to operate Tele-Tag.

Nor does the player’s mobile device need to “listen” to the audio of the TV set.  In fact, Tele-Tag works with the audio completely turned off or in a noisy bar, as the iPharro Media fingerprinting technology tracks the actual video broadcast.

iPharro Media’s fingerprinting technology is extremely robust.  It is used daily by media companies around the world and was developed at Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer Institute, Germany’s premier media technology research center where the MP3 file format was also invented.  iPharro Media’s fingerprintintechnology is also highly accurate – it has a demonstrated 99.9% success rate in recognizing specified TV content in real time while scanning hundreds of TV channels.