iOS Directions

Go to the “App Store” on your device and search for “Tele-Tag”.

Follow the on-screen directions.

Alternatively, if you wish to play using your Safari browser on your device, below are step by step directions for adding Tele-Tag to your iOS device. If you need directions for an Android device, please click here.

Step 1 – Open Safari

Open your Safari browser on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch)

Step 2 – Enter Tele-Tag Address

Enter the following address in the browser, this is the address of the Tele-Tag Web App. If you are viewing these directions on your iOS device, you can click the link below.

Step 3 – Add To Home Screen

After you see the welcome screen of Tele-Tag, click on the icon at the bottom of the browser (see below). This will allow you to add the Tele-Tag icon to your device for future access.

Step 4 – Click “Add to Home Screen”

After clicking the icon, you will be given a set of options to pick from. Click “Add to Home Screen” so that the Tele-Tag icon will be available on your device.

The next screen will ask you to give a title to this icon, by default it will be shown as “Tele-Tag”. Just click the “add” button on the top right corner


Step 5 – All Done

After clicking the “Add” button, you will now see the Tele-Tag icon on your home screen. Now you can click this icon and visit Tele-Tag whenever you are ready to play. If you are a first time user, you will need to sign up on the Tele-Tag web site before you play.

Have Fun Playing Tele-Tag

Visit now to start playing!

Make sure you are connected to the Internet to play. If you need full directions, please click here.