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Sometimes they’d just ask me to tell them what it was because

Follow CNN(CNN)A 17 year old from Texas was killed after the plane he was piloting alone crashed in Washington County, Arkansas, late Monday night, according to the sheriff’s office.The single engine Cessna plane being piloted by Gabriel Hatton crashed in a wooded area of Prairie Grove, Arkansas, accoridng to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO). By nearby residents, one of whom told CNN affiliate KFSM that they heard the engine stall before impact.”And then the plane just dove out of the sky,” said Michael Anderson. “It sounded like the engine was revving trying to pull it back up and it just went straight down.”The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board will be investigating the crash to determine the cause.Hatton, from McKinney, Texas, was the only one aboard the plane that departed from Drake Field Airport and was heading to an unnamed location in Texas, according to WCSO.

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A rosy picture for a company that’s been killing it on earnings, though the company was less bullish when it comes to Q2 as its growth has been slowing. Amazon offered guidance of as much as $1.6 billion below Wall Street’s $4.2 billion expectations. As CNBC notes, that could well point to the company’s intentions of making additional investments going forward..

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Point is, I saw people from all walks of life come use their EBT and when the receipt would print, it would have their remaining balance on it. That’s private and I wouldn’t actively look, but sometimes it’s hard to miss. Sometimes they’d just ask me to tell them what it was because they didn’t want the receipt.

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