How to Play

What is Tele-Tag?

  • Tele-Tag Live is a fun, interactive social networking game for mobile phone/internet users
  • Players accumulates points / recognition / prizes, including virtual credits/goods, by correctly identifying and interacting with specific scenes from various shows, movies, commercials etc. while watching these shows in real time on any TV set either by themselves at home or at virtual or actual Tele-Tag Contests
  • Tele-Tag includes multiple levels of play, show trivia questions as well as creating interaction with other players via Chat in real time on Facebook and Twitter

How Can I play Tele-Tag?

  • Players do not need any special equipment to play Tele-Tag; only a mobile smart phone (iPhone, Android, iPad or iPod) or a computer with an Internet connection and the Safari browser (others may not work)
  • Players can download the Android App OR sign up for Tele-Tag on a web site: The site informs players of the upcoming TV shows in which Tele-Tag can be played. The site also shows the scenes from the upcoming shows that are “in play” and provides players with unique videos and “tele tags” tied to the shows and scenes
  • Players then watch the TV show as it is shown in real time on TV in their local TV market; players can watch by themselves or in virtual groups (a Tele-Tag My Contest Group)
  • As players watch the specific scenes from the corresponding show on TV in real time, they tag the corresponding scene on the TeleTag website from their smart phone while the scene is playing on TV.
  • If players correctly “tag” the scene within the allowed time limit (typically 1-2 minutes from start of the scene broadcast in real time), they receive points or virtual credits.
  • In addition, players that have timely “tagged” a scene will receive one or more trivia question(s) or other contests relating to the show. If they get the question(s) correct or win the contest, they may receive additional bonus points or virtual credits.