Weekly Tele-Tag Schedule



Schedules reflect current week; ┬áSunday – Saturday

We regret to inform you that Tele-tag is currently not available due to circumstances beyond our control. Please continue to check back here for upcoming announcements. Thank-you for playing Tele-Tag.

Your Tele-Tag team.

All times listed are Eastern

1. South Park – Bass to Mouth
Monday at 9:00 pm
2. South Park – City Sushi
Monday at 9:30 pm
3. South Park – Ginger Kids
Tuesday at 6:00 pm
4. South Park – Reverse Cowgirl
Wednesday at 9:00 pm
1. Two and a Half Men – The Price of Healthy Gums is Eternal Vigilance
Tuesday at 7:00 pm
1. Pawn Stars – James Gang Rides Again
Thursday at 8:00 pm
2. Pawn Stars – Silver Linings
Thursday at 9:00 pm
3. Pawn Stars – The Great Escape
Saturday at 11:00 pm